Extramural Funding

Extramural Funding:

As a university approved under Section 12B of the University Grants Commission [Categorization of Universities (only) for Grant of Graded Autonomy] Regulations, 2018, SIU extends robust support to its faculty members for undertaking externally funded research and consultancy projects. These projects span a diverse range of sources, including government and non-government organizations such as corporations, firms, industry forums, and institutions both domestically and internationally. Key support initiatives provided by the Research Projects and Funding, SCRI include:

  • Dissemination of Information: SCRI circulates pertinent information regarding Call for Proposals (CFPs) for research funding to faculty members, accompanied by a consolidation of knowledge and technical requirements outlined by the funding agency.
  • Proposal Design Support: SCRI helps in crafting proposals tailored to meet the specific requirements and orientations of philanthropic, academic, or commercial funding agencies.
  • Proposal Submission: SCRI facilitates the processing and routing of proposals for funded projects, ensuring adherence to stipulated guidelines and deadlines.
  • Support Infrastructure: SIU has established a robust support system, including necessary identifiers such as PFMS/CPSMS ID and Darpan ID, to streamline the application and execution processes for government-funded research and consultancy projects. Faculty members can reach out to SCRI for further details on this infrastructure.
  • Follow-Up Assistance: SCRI provides ongoing support and guidance to faculty members following the submission of proposals, ensuring effective communication and addressing any queries or concerns that may arise.
  • Administrative and Project Implementation Support: SCRI offers comprehensive administrative and project implementation support to Principal Investigators (PIs) and Project Coordinators. This includes assistance in uploading requisite documents, such as Utilization Certificates, Statements of Accounts and Expenditure, on the websites of funding agencies in prescribed formats.

Extramural Funding Projects


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