Faculty of Media and Communication

Faculty Of Media and Communication

The Faculty of Media and Communication at Symbiosis International Deemed University, Pune is one of the leading hubs for media education in India. It offers postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in mass communication, communication management and visual arts and photography. The research work at the faculty encompasses a wide range of areas such as media and communication, media and creative industries, film studies, advertising, public relations, journalism, communication design, and communication management. The research projects are aimed at developing new insights and knowledge in these areas and addressing relevant industry and societal challenges.

Constituent Institutes offering the Ph D Programme under the Faculty of Media and Communication

  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), Pune
  • Symbiosis Centre of Media and Communication (SCMC), Pune
  • Symbiosis School of Visual Arts and Photography (SSVAP), Pune
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) , Pune
  • Symbiosis School of Planning, Architecture and Design (SSPAD), Nagpur

Focus Areas of the Faculty of Media and Communication

This is an indicative list (prospective scholars can contact the PhD supervisors for discussion)

Mass Communication/Communication Management

  • Sociology of Media, Media and Culture, Media and Gender
  • Journalism Studies, Media Education
  • Media and Creative Industries
  • New Media Studies and Digital Cultures
  • Film Studies and Cultural Studies
  • Brand Management, Film Marketing & Distribution
  • Marketing Management, Application of AI, VR and AR in Media and Communication

Design and Visual Communication

  • Visual Communication and Design, Print and New Media Design, User Experience Design, Culture and Design
  • Costumes, Textiles, Fashion Design/Communication, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
  • Design Research Methodology, Usability Engineering, HCI, Experience Design, Human Factors & Neuro-design
  • Architecture and Urban Planning

Specialized Laboratories/ Facilities for Conduct of Research at the Faculty of Media and Communication:

The programme is highly research-oriented, and students are expected to conduct independent research under the guidance of experienced faculty members. The curriculum covers a broad range of topics, including media theory, media industries, media and society, communication research methods, and academic writing as part of a robust coursework. Students take a variety of courses during the programme to gain a solid foundation in media and communication theory and research methods. After the successful completion of the coursework, students work with their advisors to develop their PhD research and dissertation.

The Faculty of Media and Communication recently established the Symbiosis Centre for Research in Media and Creative Industries (SCRMCI) with the aim to conduct high quality and collaborative research in media and creative industries by creating a network of scholars and practitioners. FoMC also organizes two research conferences – International Conference on Media and Communication (organized by Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication) and Pramana (organized by Symbiosis Centre of Media and Communication).

Dean’s Profile

Prof. (Dr) Ruchi Kher Jaggi, Dean of the Faculty of Media and Communication, SIU and Director of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC) has been associated with media education for two decades. She has published in journals like Critical Studies in Television, Journal of Children and Media, Journal of Creative Communications, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, Studies in South Asian Film and Media, Media Asia and has published chapters in books published by Peter Lang, Routledge, Sage, Wiley among others. Her research interests include television studies, media and children, media and creative industries, media and gender, digital cultures and Korean Dramas. She has also been the recipient of the USIEF 21 st Century Knowledge Initiatives Grant under the Fulbright scheme.


Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI),

Research & Developement cell,

Symbiosis International (Deemed University),

6th Floor of Symbiosis Institute of Technology,

Hill-base, Gram. Lavale, District Pune - 412115, India

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