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Connect with SCRI from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please email the following information to

Disclaimer:   Any information discussed will not be shared beyond our discussion group. The information will be treated confidentially until your research work is publicly available later.

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This service aims to attain ‘honest’ statistical data analysis by bridging the gap between researchers and statisticians. SCRI intends to promote statistical insight to SIU researchers. The researcher would have much fewer queries on statistical analysis during any research presentation. They will proactively address many comments by the reviewers on the research method adopted and the consequent data analysis strategy. SCRI invites you to submit any statistical query. The discussion and advice empower experiential learning among researchers sharing work.


To diagnose Statistical Analysis in the research work and provide suggestions to improve the quality of analysis and reporting.


We provide Statistical advice to broadly develop a novel analysis strategy methodology that includes Advice, Analytics, Research, and Policy Advocacy

Your Suitability:

SIU researchers with a research proposal or project application are encouraged to participate in this activity. The Statistics advice is available to all eligible researchers regardless of their statistical skills within and related to Symbiosis International (Deemed University). It aims to offer statistical advice to the broader research community on research methodology, analysis, reporting, and policy advocacy. This is open to the broader community of researchers, such as Faculty Members, Research Staff, Research Scholars, Post-doctoral fellows, and Industry professionals. The UG and PG students requiring help with their projects are encouraged to consult their faculty mentor at the institute.


You can meet a Statistician at SCRI multiple times. Whenever you visit the office in person or online, please bring the Logbook of earlier meetings. The Logbook would have a history of discussion. It tells what was discussed, what, where and when action was done or even couldn’t be done. Also, bring your laptop PC to show your data, scripts, and analysis. We wish to keep the threshold of the number of participants at a given point in time as low as possible for detailed discussion. Consultation meetings should be at most 30 minutes.

To participate in the Statistics discussion, it would be best for you to have a prior appointment. Please fill in the information and mail it to Upon initiation, you will attend the first meeting online to discuss the project, its scope, and expectations. The researchers are expected to prepare a summary or abstract of the project and a list of queries to be discussed during the meeting and expectations from the collaboration before the first meeting. We do not intend you to submit any documentary information or empirical or experimental data unless we consent to coauthor a research paper or project.


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