Projects FAQ's

Projects FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for Intramural Grant:

  • What are the eligibility criteria for applying for the intramural research grant?
  • What is the application process like? Are there specific forms or guidelines to follow?
  • What types of research projects are typically funded through this grant?
  • Are there any restrictions on the use of funds or the duration of the project?
  • Are there any specific expectations or requirements for reporting progress or outcomes of the funded research?
  • Can the grant be used to support graduate students or doctoral researchers working on the project?
  • Are there opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations or partnerships within the institution?
  • Are there any workshops or informational sessions available to help applicants understand the grant requirements and application process?
  • Are there any specific goals or priorities outlined for the intramural research grant program?
  • Can the grant be used to support travel or conference attendance related to the research project?

Frequently Asked Questions for Extramural Grant:


  • What types of pre-grant support services does the research and innovation department offer for extramural research grant applications?
  • Can the department assist with identifying relevant funding opportunities and navigating the grant application process?
  • Are there resources available to help researchers develop strong grant proposals, such as proposal writing workshops or consultations?
  • Can the department provide guidance on budget development and financial planning for the proposed research project?
  • Are there specific eligibility criteria or requirements that researchers should consider before applying for extramural research grants?
  • Can the department help with finding potential collaborators or forming interdisciplinary research teams for grant applications?
  • How can researchers access information about current trends and priorities in funding agencies or grant programs relevant to their research area?
  • Are there examples of successful grant proposals or best practices available for reference?
  • Can the department provide feedback or review services on draft grant proposals to help improve their competitiveness?
  • Are there any internal deadlines or processes that researchers should be aware of when seeking pre-grant support?
  • Can the department assist with identifying and addressing any potential ethical or compliance issues related to the proposed research project?
  • Can the department provide guidance on intellectual property considerations or technology transfer strategies for research projects funded through extramural grants?


  • What types of post-grant support services does the Research Projects and Funding, SCRI offer for researchers who have received extramural research grants?
  • Can Research Projects and Funding, SCRI assist with managing grant funds and ensuring compliance with funding agency requirements?
  • Are there resources available to help researchers navigate any administrative or reporting obligations associated with the grant?
  • How can researchers obtain assistance with hiring research personnel, such as postdoctoral fellows or research assistants, using grant funds?
  • Can the department facilitate connections with other researchers or institutions for collaboration on grant-funded projects?
  • Are there resources available to help researchers disseminate their research findings, such as support for publishing in academic journals or presenting at conferences?
  • Can the department provide guidance on intellectual property management and commercialization strategies for research outcomes generated through the grant?
  • How can researchers schedule appointments or access post-grant support services, and what are the typical response times?

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